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What People are Saying

On 1133podcast I have had the honor of interviewing some really amazing people. Some of them have even became friends after the interview. Thank you for your amazing words!  

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Shelly Bullard - Love Coach. Spiritual Teacher.   Guide for Evolving Women en Shelly Bullard, MFT

"Javiera is not only an incredible person, but she is also an intuitive, gifted interviewer. When she interviewed me, we were so in-sync that her questions naturally led to the topics that were most beneficial for me to speak about! It was my favorite experience being interviewed, by far! The way she dove into my passion was so rewarding for me. I can't wait to be interviewed by her again!"

Niamh Cronin - Coach Consultant speaker and founder of The Conscious Female Movement

"Javiera is unlike any other interviewer I have seen. She has this ability to hold space to allow your own inner wisdom to flow through, and to allow for the real truth to emerge. Its not very often that you meet someone who has the capacity to hold space like this and make you feel comfortable to share your own unique truth. This is not just a podcast, this is the start of a movement bringing together some of the most conscious people so that they can share their wisdom in a way that will help spark an awakening in others. I am truely honored to have been part of this!"



Amara Samata - Spiritual Teacher. Energetic Healer and founder of The Inner Guidance Institute

"Javiera´s commitment to Truth & Love is epic. To be interviewed by her is an honor. To be met with such openness and consciousness allows the wisdom in me to flow effortlessly. I am so grateful for her talent and passion. Javiera is a precious gift that spreads light wherever she goes. Thank you, for being"

John Grant Harvey - Peak Performance Researcher, Mindset Coach and Founder of The Mindset Institute

"Javiera seems to have the ability to bring out the best in people. I have worked with her in a number of capacities and always find her skills and presence a powerful boost and consider myself very grateful to have spent time with this powerful woman. I highly recommend her services"

Amber Swan - Author of the Power of the Human Heart Book

"The word "interview" used to make me shudder. Your relaxed style put an end to all my concerns! Our interviews were a deep heart sharing from one human to another. I love how you always find the right next question to keep the discussion on track, and how naturally the answers flow. I love your guiding skills, your sharp presence, your understanding and your humor. Gratitude!"

Fernando Aguiar - Psychotherapist, researcher on the topics of death, sex and manhood. Founder of

"I really enjoyed being interviewed by Javiera. She created a conducive and rich atmosphere that really supported the whole process. She asked great questions which helped me to communicate in clear, direct and new ways, answers were flowing beautifully. Thank you, for the opportunity!"


Katie Kozlowski - Self-Realization Coach, Self realization coach, spiritual teacher, healer

"Javiera is a gracious, intuitive host and there is nothing better than doing an interview with her. She listens so intently that you know she can not only hear the messages but feel them in her bones, and that reaches the listeners too. There is something special about when she pauses and breathes that lets you know she’s right there with you. And that is a gift you can’t find it everyone. I will return to this show anytime because it feels like home. Thank you Javiera…from my heart."

Jodi Fedor - Spiritualist. Business Strategist and coach. Host of Illumi Nation TV and the Illumi Nation Revolution - USA

"Javiera is one of the most deeply spiritual people I have ever met. Her deep understanding goes far beyond dogma, beliefs or religions and touches the very heart of spirituality itself; and I dare say touches upon the solutions that drive all seekers like us: who are we, why are we here, and what is the meaning behind it all. I have felt honored to be in her presence. There are special people on this earth, those that see beyond the known and guide us towards it. If we're lucky we come across them, sometimes in books and even more occasionally, in person. Javiera is one of them"


Thank You!