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11:33Podcast is about questioning the depths of human existence.  Interviews, discussions and incredible stories from people all around the world which challenge what we believe is possible as human beings and inspire us to discover and allow more for ourselves by Javiera Correa

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Episode #43: Awaken the Cervix: Women Healing and Transforming through Sexuality

Javiera Correa

Olivia Bryant is an expert sexologist and co-founder of the fast growing global movement Self Cervix.

Sharing a little bit about her personal story and how this movement came to be born, she talks in a very profound and professional way how our female sexuality works and links to our own consciousness and awakening process.

“The cervix is a major trigger point to the most profound kind of orgasm or orgasmic state where you can just keep staying in a blissful ecstasy’s that can go on and on… we are talking about the transcending aspects of spirituality”.

This conversation is about transcended states of orgasm, emotional healing, consciousness, sex and much more.

Olivia´s work is also about the conditionings around sexuality that constrict us. Exploring how to be more ourselves, how to communicate with our partners and ourselves, how to honor our bodies´ wisdom.

“we read about stories of people melting into one another, expanding into the universe… in a female body this is catalyzed by the cervix…”

Join the movement, know and explore more about this fascinating topic con

Know more about Olivia here

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Episode #38: Super Moms – Unconditional giving and balance

Javiera Correa

“When I say a powerful mom I mean a mother that is loving, that is happy, that is balance… that knows what her job is as a parent and its doing the best to do that job… also knows she is a valuable woman and that she is here on this planet to be the best version of herself…”

Adriana is a law of attraction life coach that works with moms with small children which common struggles are that they think they are not good enough parents, she helps them reconnect with the power of who they are and the value they have as women plus changing the beliefs they might have about their jobs as parents and themselves and start taking care of themselves in the first place and how this is actually putting their children first.

“I feel it is very important that we know who we are and that we know how much influence we have in the way our children grow up and how they form beliefs of who they are as well and the world they live in”

Adriana shares how she came to feel inspire to help moms this way and share a very specific message. She clarifies what power means and explains how every mom has to find their unique balance. We talked about the important of self love, being ourselves, taking time for ourselves and how that affects our kids.

“We don’t want to be perfect parents, as that is putting a lot of pressure to our kids, imperfection is part of who we are in a very perfect way…”

“What can I do today to take care of myself that will also allow me to take care of others?”

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Episode #26: What Would Love Do?

Javiera Correa

“When I really learnt that when I could love and accept exactly where I was at rather than needing to change it… fix it… put a bandage to it from an outside source… it shifted my whole energy and from there things started to move in beautiful ways”

In this interview Sarah shares with us her journey from feeling stuck in life just two years ago to where she is now living a life that she loves and only gets better. The key aspect to this change: really committing to loving herself.

“The most powerful thing when you start to align your thinking with love… you start to became aware of all the places you are not loving yourself”

We usually not even consider self-love as a relevant enough topic in our lives to stop and listen to see if we can learn anything from it. Sarah does a great job pointing different aspects on how loving ourselves is a key aspect that can even shift our reality in the quickest way possible. She also brings more awareness to the spaces where we aren´t loving ourselves plus the motivation and practical ways to put this into practice.

“Where you are judging yourself you are judging others, where you are blaming yourself you are blaming others… the more I see myself loving and accepting where I am, the more I feel myself opening and just loving and accepting where everyone else is at…”

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Episode #21: The 4 Stages of Sexual Awakening

Javiera Correa

“If I want to really learn about a client of mine I just need to ask them how they deal with sex… and they will describe me how they deal with their whole life”

Fernando Aguiar is a psychologist, a body psychotherapist, a researcher on the topics of death, sex and men hood. He runs workshops and does 1 on 1 therapy. Finally, he is also the owner of the website “”.

In this 40min interview Fernando talks about the 4 stages of sexual awakening and gives practical tools and practices for us all.

“If not everyone, most of us didn´t get any proper sexual orientation as we were growing up…”

This is a fascinating interview, which deepens the understanding of sexuality, sexual encounters, connections, stages of it.


He has worked with hundreds of people and has identified 4 stages that apply to us all.

The 4 stages will be: Disconnection, Discovery, Deepening and Dominium.

The stages of sexual awakening is a map to help people see where they are in their sexual, loving-developing awakening and then to help them move to a more fulfilling experience.

“as you expand your understanding you will start to see sexuality as the movement of life… then its not only about your genitals, your heart is included: the movement of energy in your heart is also sexuality, such as expressing love or life energy”


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Episode #17: Love & Relationships from a Spiritual Perspective

Javiera Correa

"...If you don´t feel love on your own it´s impossible to attract a partner that you’re going to feel really loved with.... you have to fill that hole within yourself first" 

Shelly is a Therapist, a Love Coach and Spiritual Teacher. She was named the “Love Guru” as one of the 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by, and her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Yoga Life Magazine, The Omega Institute, The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, as well as several other publications. Her articles and courses collectively guide hundreds of thousands of people to learn how to embrace romantic love as a path of spiritual awakening. 

In this interview, she shares how, in a such a brief period of time, she personally has been able to shift her personal reality in romantic relationships in a huge way, and the tools that will guide you to do the same. Her journey has not been exempt of challenges, but she’s learned to use those challenges as a way to evolve personally and in love. Her message is fresh, full of practical applicable content, and deeply transformational. 


"People will treat you how you treat yourself..."


In this interview many topics came forward. The challenges of relationships, how we can accelerate our personal growth through romantic love, how honoring ourselves helps us manifest better relationships, the roll of vibration and belief systems have in the relationships we are attracting to our lives and the possibility of a new relationship paradigm for all of us. PLUS the importance of self love and practical ways to practice it in our lives. 


Thank you Shelly for this amazing interview you are sharing with all of us. 

You can find Shelly´s work in the following links: / /

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Episode #16: Unconditional Love & Relationships

Javiera Correa

"To call in somebody who comes in celebration of who you are... puts you in a whole other level of relating"

Amara Samata is the founder of Inner Guidance Institute and has dedicated her life to the facilitation of Conscious Evolution through inner awareness, trust and surrender. After 13 years of comitted daily Truth seeking and guided by a Philippine born mystic and Tibetan trained Lama of Dzogchen, she experienced a series of awakenings culminating in what she calls, the tipping point in 2012. Since then she has helped hundreds of individuals awaken to self mastery and divine consciousness for the benefit of the All.

In this interview we talk about the huge topic of relationships, partnership love and unconditional love. Also, what is it that we are actually looking for and the feeling of lack.

The importance of awareness, what do we allow regarding unconditional love, how we tend to bargain love with others and what is it that we are really looking for when we long for a partner.

"To make sure something doesn´t happen again you have to wake up to why you created it"

Relative love, divine love, partnership, unconditional love and more in this 35min interview. Truth of what we are. Patterns. Beyond.

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