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11:33Podcast is about questioning the depths of human existence.  Interviews, discussions and incredible stories from people all around the world which challenge what we believe is possible as human beings and inspire us to discover and allow more for ourselves by Javiera Correa

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Episode #48: What happens beyond death, an enlighten discussion on the afterlife

Javiera Correa

“This were things that were very secretly talked about… there is something beyond. If you want to be free, there is a third way.”

Amara Samata is an emerging master, spiritual teacher, healer and founder of the inner guidance institute.

After a profound awakening of consciousness Amara experienced within herself the different realms after death and the possibility of beyond.

"What happens when we die is extremely depending on how we live… The way we judge others and the way we judge ourselves has probably the biggest impact on the other side" 

Amara talks about conscious death, reincarnation, belief systems, what happens after we die, consciousness. Amara explains different stages that happen, different aspects of ourselves that arise, some of the traps we might encounter, the importance of dying consciously and tools we can count on.

“Your body fades away, but you are still there”

“Addressing our fears before we die is one of the key aspects to have a beautiful transition after death”

When death comes it s a pretty big day, it´s when you are really faced to the unknown. 

Check Amaras´s Website

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Episode #47: Create your Reality. Recipes for Miracles

Javiera Correa

Maria is a scientist, into business, an entrepreneur, healer, among others. She teaches people how to create miracles.

Having cure herself from not being able to walk and from having excruciating physical pain for years she now lives a joyful life traveling the world and share with us her journey, insights and the key aspects of her own transformation for all of us.

Maria talks about what to do when we have lost all hope, when we are in deep pain. She talks about our potential power, love, gratitude, laughter and transformation.

“I came to these realizations through pain and adversity… and I realized that this is not necessary anymore, its an old paradigm.

We can live in happiness, in peace, in abundance… we can be empowered to live our own choice and let go to any karmic imprint that keep us prisoners to what is not necessary anymore. I learn the hard way and I teach others not to make the same mistakes”

“I feel that I deserve to be here, that I deserve love, beauty. And I feel so much gratitude, so much appreciation for where I am. I literally go around saying thank you to everyone”

“I decided to use pain as my guide, realizing it´s information and started using gratitude”

“Pain can only exist in low vibration. As we change our vibration pain not longer exist because it doesn’t vibrate at that level”

You can connect with Maria on her website

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Episode #45: Science, Consciousness, Healing, Inner Dance… How everything comes together

Javiera Correa

Pi has a fascinating life journey, he was born in Manila. Having finished his marketing degree at the age of 25 he became a peregrine. He walked away from all known comforts  with no money, family or friends connection in a state of absolute trust.

For 2 years he was on a mono- diet based on coconuts where he explored the awakening of consciousness and uncovered how to access internal sources of energy. 

After he returned to a social life he wrote a book titled "Conscious Trance, the journey to the dancer within" and has traveled to more than 60 nationalities supporting thousands of people on a powerful awakening process called Inner Dance. 

Pi talks about human consciouness, stages of awakening and consciouenss, the process of mapping, what´s happening in terms of the awakening process, our physical processes.

“Even the non-spiritual parts are all part of the same spiritual mind… we need to start cooperating with the actual nature of mind…”

Pi is a master in understanding how the awakening process happens, from a scientific point of view to an embodied experience that connects the dots for all of as in a universal way.

“How does this apply?” “How to integrate the process?” “What are the key aspects of awakening for it to happen?” “How does our body work and relate to embodying the awakening of consciousness?” These are some of the questions Pi explores in the deepest way.

“What exactly is it in the human system that allows people to experience that life review… that awakening of seeing the whole universe…”

For anyone interested on the awakening process and consciousness this is a MUST LISTEN interview. Enjoy!

“I want to see doctors learning how to teach because the new medicine is consciousness… but I want to see teachers learning to heal”

Know more about Pi and Inner Dance here

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Episode #44: Beyond right or wrong and the 5 Fundamental truths

Javiera Correa

Michael Brown is a trainer and consultant in media and presentation skills, he has written several books and is the author of finding the field where he talks about the 5 universal truths of reality. 

He has had a long journey of self-discovery and awakening and travelled the world in search of Truth.

In this interview we discuss about the topic of right, wrong and beyond and Michael shares his journey and awakening to see how everything is connected and what he calls the 5 universal truths.

“there cant be many humans alive who can tolerate the thought that there might be no right or wrong, because that’s how we navigate our lives… but I didn´t get my peace until that particular bit fell in place along with the fundamental truths…”

“…once I felt that everything was part of me this led to this 5 fundamental truths and the feeling that the whole thing is valid, we cant take half of life and reject it and judge it… the best word for it is Game and we should we playing it with everything we can get”

The power of beliefs, the fact that we create our reality, the idea that this life is a game, oneness on our deepest level and many other fascinating concepts and experiences were discussed in this interview.

You can find more information about Michael and the 5 fundamental truths on

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Episode 42: “Life is a Game” Rules of Agreement, Soul Contracts and more with Richard West

Javiera Correa

Richard west is a metaphysical teacher and intuitive coach he has uploaded more than 700 hundred videos and over 20.000 followers on YouTube. He opens the eyes to all of us exposing far-out topics and deep discussion on very uncommon topics, which might even make us feel uncomfortable.

“We are such amazing powerful beings, we are amazingly powerful, we are god beings… we are creating it all within our own consciousness”  

Richard explains how physical reality is created, how we eco-create reality. He talks about concepts such us “law of agreements”, belief territories, parallel universe, the grater reality, realms of reality, out of body experiences and more.

Also, what makes reality real?

“The theory is that we have made thousands and thousand of agreements just to be the human being that we are… we experience our reality by virtue by what we agreed to…”  

Find more about Richard on his website

Or in youtube Rich2150x

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Episode #41: 8 years no food and rejuvenation “energy is available all the time”

Javiera Correa

Akahmi is someone that doesn’t use food as nourishment, he doesn´t eat at all. He tells us “energy is available all the time”, this is what some call “pranic nourishment” or “breatharianism”. He shares with us that the way he receives energy is through conscious breath and contemplation of the beauty of life.

Co-Founder of Pranic Living International he runs workshops and travels the world assisting other in the transition to a life connected to the depth of themselves.

“Breatharianism is a way of expansion of the consciousness… and expansion of consciousness takes as back to our true essence, to our energetic blueprint. And when we access our energetic blue print we access what we truly are…”

He shares with us his personal journey, the processes he has been through, body changes, energy, states of mind and emotions.

Akashi talks about rejuvenation, the power of the mind, wellbeing, the opening of new possibilities, the embodiment of new energies (the challenges and integration) and how to be human.

“Rejuvenation can happen to any person that experience from the core of the cellular structure the expansion of the light… and I was also able to see that the same joy / light that I did awake in me was available for any being”

“When my energy was measured, the doctor was explaining me that the average amount of energy is between 1700 -2200 and 26500... so I was 450 more of the optimum health…”

At the end of this interview Akashi gifts us with a live meditation that we can practice anytime.

You can check his website here

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Episode #39: All doors open to Happy People

Javiera Correa

Shwaasa Guru is a noted yogic science expert and mentor of philosophy from India. He is best known for popularizing yoga among health conscious people through his mass yoga camps and TV shows. More than 10 million people have attended his workshops and retreats.

He was born in the small village of southern India. He was sent to his master’s ashram at the age of 8 where he learned different aspects of religion and philosophy. On completion of his academic study, he headed towards The Himalayas. He mastered various aspects of yoga during his stay in the Himalayas. “I thought I should begin from my own home, so I returned from the Himalayas and started serving here”, says Guruji.

Shwaasa talks about her journey, his experience in 5 years silence, how he is guided his life and he talks about the importance of breath, of laughter and how all doors open to happy people.

“Sitting in quiet is not silence… if the breath is still the mind is still, if the mind is still you feel the presence of Brahma…”

He also shares a practical tool and practice for all of us to apply in practical life.

You can visit his website 

“Life is journey, be a traveler”

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Episode #34: Feel, Wisdom of Body and Spirit

Javiera Correa

Marco has been teaching yoga for 16 years, he talks about yoga, meditation, the importance and power of connecting to our bodies and the power of the heart.

“Feel whatever you feel without any judgment, without any resistance… and then to connect that with your heart center… this is essentially what I feel”

He explains how he disagrees with most yoga teachers when saying that “you are not your body” and shares with us an important different perspective with practical tools we can apply in our daily lives. How the body is biomechanical, energetic, subtle, intelligent and an information system.

“A lot of yoga teachers say you are not your body… I teach different: you are your body in this dimension which you exists on, your body is an expression of your higher self.”

“Marry the spirit and the body together: feel… deepest wisdom of all”

You can visit Marco website here

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Art Copyright: Marco Felicetti

Episode #33: Embodying the New Paradigm. Moving from Unconscious to Conscious Choice

Javiera Correa

Inelia Benz has only lived one existence in this planet. She has come directly from source and she is here to higher the vibration of the planet. On 2012 she was requested to go public and since then she has guided through her empowering content, tools and message thousands of people around the planet.

Inelia talks about what means to embody the new paradigm and how the new paradigm looks like.

“… the new paradigm means a place where they can flex their mystical muscles… being able to create their own reality and build lives that are resonant to their deeper knowing and deeper self…”

“The new paradigm is also related to choice, what are we doing with our lives, what emotions are we feeding in ourselves and others, who are we giving time, money, attention to…”

This interview makes us more aware in very practical ways on how to embodied a more fulfilling life. The importance of choice, intent and many other simple aspects that were explored.

“We want to move into conscious choice instead of choices made out of social, religious or control programs… as we move and embody the new paradigm our choices became conscious rather than unconscious or programmed ”

Inelia explains in very practical step-by-step way on how to move from unconscious choices to conscious choices. The challenges that arises when we are embodying this new paradigm (which is not a place “out there” but inside). The savior paradigm and lightworkers. And much more!

Check Inelia´s website and

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Episode #32: Interdimensional Art from Beyond the Veil

Javiera Correa

Luke is an amazing artist who creates paintings and creations that impact people at a subconscious level when they see them and magical things can happen. He reaches thousands of people. 

“I am choosing a fast track to awakening by bringing my awareness to being awaken in every moment”

Luke shares some of his amazing realizations of life, the universe and also his purpose here in this reality. He tells some of his life changing amazing experiences with phsycodelics and beautiful universal messages.

“Every single one of us has the right to be the highest potential of their being… we all have the means to do that… It takes courage and surrender… not everyone is willing to go there”

Luke talks about awareness, matrix, consciousness, beingness, service to others, raw experiences of who we are and our potential as eternal limitless beings. He describes in detail beautiful out of world experiences and practical tools for transformation and some of his personal challenges for what we are going through at a collective level.

“…Knowing that my inner world and outer world are the same… so whatever experience I have, people I meet, whatever transpires in my life is an immediate reflection and byproduct of my inner imagination of myself… which make me be very aware of what I believe about myself, my language… am I having loving thoughts? ”

You can follow Luke on Instagram @luke_brown_spectraleyes

And website:

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Art Copyright: Luke Brown

Episode #31: Our Unique and Universal Purpose

Javiera Correa

Al Diaz is an acclaimed Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and online Radio Host; guiding others to remember the gift, value, or purpose they bring to our world…and most importantly into their own Life.

“When I wrote my first book, I had no idea how to write a book… Before getting on international tours I never liked public speaking… and then when producing a film, I never thought I was going to produce a film! … the reason all this happened was that I was functioning on the foundation of Love”

In this interview Al Diaz talks about the universal purpose that is Love and also the unique purpose that everyone has in a very unique way.

“There is something that you can do that nobody else can do the way you do it”

He shares with us his unique purpose “Allow Heaven on Earth”, a very simple technique for all of us that can be life changing on Self love and related to the topic of conscious manifestation, a key basic simple aspect you don´t want to miss out.

“If people are ready to evolve, if people are ready to step forward, to make progress… if the are looking to go to the next level, whatever this is… you got to have a foundation and that foundation is Self Love”

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Episode #30: Beyond Eating & Pranic Nourishment

Javiera Correa

“For me, from the pranic point of view, of the pranic nourishment everything is light… so actually what you are feeding… and as you are consciousness you are feeding kind of yourself…”

Nicolas Pilartz is an expert on pranic nourishment and he dedicates his life in guiding others to stabilize the perfect harmony through a diet that is no longer based on the normal use of digestive organs but on pranic nourishment where the body is directly fed by the vital energy of Prana. Generally speaking he personally eats once a week.

He explains his process into transitioning to non-eating, his challenges, what helped him and share some advices to all of us.

Nicolas also talked about what he calls “The State” or the “Natural State of Being” which we explored more in depth.

As other people who are navigating the paradigm of living without food, Nicolaz speaks about the importance of joy, of connection to the body, of Self, a new perspective about suffering and key aspects for successfully step into a reality without food.

“There is a kind of peace that comes into you, it’s the blissful state… the blissful state is that… is when you bring peace inside, you bring peace to the outside”  

“When you do a process it´s all about yourself, there is no teaching, there is no method… it’s a path of freedom”

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Episode #29: Bridging Heaven and Earth through Music

Javiera Correa

David Young is a twice Grammy Nominated musician who plays two renaissance flutes at one time in harmony. He has recorded 57 albums and sold over 1,000,000 copies. He is a healer, channel, writer of three books, artist and it is said that more people have had out of body experiences while listening to his music than other musician alive today.

“ I always knew that my music was positive, it had spiritual energy in it and that I was doing a good thing when doing this music… but I didn´t know that by creating this positive music and positive energy this was connecting and aligning me with the ascended masters that create positive things for people”

David´s journey is fascinating. The experiences with ascended masters through his music started happening only a year and a half ago and after that on the last 75 events people have been having direct experiences with ascended masters.

In this interview David shares many amazing stories that have happened to him and people that have attended his latest workshops. The universal ascended master message shared by some such as Jesus, Buddha, Maria, Lao Tzu, Quan Yan and more.

He describes part of his journey, what people experience at his events and the amazing connection with ascended masters on other realms.

“For people that have had out of body experience they have shared that my music is how heaven sounded like”

You can visit his website

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Art Copyright: David Young

Episode #28: Using Superpowers to work as an Intuitive Life Coach

Javiera Correa

“Everyone has superpowers… its about clearing the blocks to trusting, knowing and believing… we live so outside of ourselves so much that we begin to forget our own inner guidance system, our own Self”

Terrie Christine is an internationally known Intuitive Life Coach and Psychic Medium.   After experiencing a spiritual epiphany, Terrie found herself on a journey building and supporting what she calls her "super powers".  She is Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentient (feeling).

Most people cannot connect to the blocks that hold them back from receiving love, happiness, peace or abundance.  They live their lives being triggered by what another says or does.  Simply put, she can connect to you energetically and reveal when you accepted this block, at what age and by whom.  She has worked with clients all over the world and continues to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in the self-empowerment community.

“You are not the one “doing the healing”… you are simply like a glass straw… the energy is simply moving through you to assist the other person…”

Terrie talks about the many difference of an Intuitive life coach versus a traditional life coach and gives plenty of useful material, exercise, stories and great content on how we create blockages, how to shift them, how to create our reality and some key believes to clear to get in tune with our own happiness and superpowers.

As we are All One in principle, Terrie also teaches us a simple and practical way to tap into another person to feel him/her and we discuss more about that topic.

“Love will come” in this interview Terrie also shares a little bit of her personal story and path that got her to be where she is now and what she is doing at the moment, supporting others.

At the end she passionately shares 3 key choices for shift our lives powerfully.

“Living in gratitude, living in your Truth and living fearlessly”

You can find her in the following website

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Episode #26: What Would Love Do?

Javiera Correa

“When I really learnt that when I could love and accept exactly where I was at rather than needing to change it… fix it… put a bandage to it from an outside source… it shifted my whole energy and from there things started to move in beautiful ways”

In this interview Sarah shares with us her journey from feeling stuck in life just two years ago to where she is now living a life that she loves and only gets better. The key aspect to this change: really committing to loving herself.

“The most powerful thing when you start to align your thinking with love… you start to became aware of all the places you are not loving yourself”

We usually not even consider self-love as a relevant enough topic in our lives to stop and listen to see if we can learn anything from it. Sarah does a great job pointing different aspects on how loving ourselves is a key aspect that can even shift our reality in the quickest way possible. She also brings more awareness to the spaces where we aren´t loving ourselves plus the motivation and practical ways to put this into practice.

“Where you are judging yourself you are judging others, where you are blaming yourself you are blaming others… the more I see myself loving and accepting where I am, the more I feel myself opening and just loving and accepting where everyone else is at…”

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Episode #25: Bridging Humanity And Divinity

Javiera Correa

Amber Dawn talks about what it actually means to be incarnated on this planet, considering the fact that we are both humans and eternal spirit beings.

This interview and her previous interview “The power of the human heart” describe our journey of being human, and the service we do of bridging our two inner worlds ~ humanity and divinity ~ into One.

“As I go down into the darkness I bring my love into it… this is part of bridging, it´s part of dissolving…”

As the author of the book “The Power of the Human Heart” Amber is knowledgeable and experienced. She highlights the importance of self-love, allowing ALL that we are in order for a shift to occur.

“If we can sit in our humanity then our divinity can also sit here with us.”

Amber talks about the key aspects of emotional healing and deep acceptance of everything that is. She shares part of her own journey and how doing this committed inner work of facing her humanity ~ opening her heart to embrace every aspect of being human ~ has, ironically, brought her closer to experiencing her inner divinity. 
Life becomes thus both lighter and easier.


“I have been on this planet for over half a century and the most amazing thing about this journey is that am just being born”

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Episode #24: The Truth of "Everything is Love"

Javiera Correa

Amara talks about the truth that “Everything is Love”. The opportunities life can give us to realize this. How we misconceive this concept, the consequences of that misconception, and how to realize and experience that everything is love always.

This is a huge topic with a lot of misconception that affect our experience of it. This interview explores the misperception that there are aspects of life that aren´t love and we explore different why´s of our current human experience and what happens when wisdom lacks compassion.


“Bringing love to the darkest places is one of the most amazing experiences a human being can have…”


Amara share´s her personal experiences when seeing the perfection of everything is love, what you realized and the wisdom that arises from that perfect perception. She also shares ways to experience this truth within ourselves.

“You just look at all the ways in which you are not loving, that you are seeming to repress the love or deny the love, that´s all you have to do… you don´t have to look for the love, it´s not findable, it´s not in some place that is not…”

Amara Samata is the founder of Inner Guidance Institute and has dedicated her life to the facilitation of Conscious Evolution through inner awareness, trust and surrender. After 13 years of committed daily Truth seeking and guided by a Philippine born mystic and Tibetan trained Lama of Dzogchen, she experienced a series of awakenings culminating in what she calls, the tipping point in 2012. Since then she has helped hundreds of individuals awaken to self mastery and divine consciousness for the benefit of the All.

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Episode #23: Clearing Negative Energies as a way of Living and Purpose

Javiera Correa

Peppi works with what could be call “energy clearing” on people and businesses she clears negative energies and manipulations from external sources. She has had many experiences in all sorts of situations in this regard and she specialized in helping people speed up to their full awareness of their authentic potential.

“The more negative energy that came out of your cell, bones, organs, etheric… there is room for more positive light…”

In this interview we talk about entities, the importance of allowing more light in, how to be more in tune with ourselves and practical ways to be more in tune with ourselves. Also the fast shifts that can tap into when we work from an energetic perspective.

“There are often times when we go to consulters or psychologists… seeking help and it doesn’t matter how much clearing we do or looking or understandings… it just doesn´t seem to shift and that is just because the energy needs to be shifted from your energetic field”

Also the importance of stopping the competition in the spiritual world and start supporting each other…


“Everyone is evolving at such different rates… there is healer, a teacher a medicine person out there that is exactly right for each person on this planet, so there is no need for any competition”

She also shares part of her personal life and stories and gives a beautiful message at the end.

Her personal email to be contacted is


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Episode #22: A Talk on Wanting and our Deepest Desires

Javiera Correa

“I believe our basic core desire is to exist as we are in full embodied connection with the Source which we came from”

Amara talks about the difference of wanting to want from a limited perspective versus wanting to want from a holistic unified or enlightened perspective.


“Then from that space, that is not coming from separation, it knows that there is nothing unkind to get to make myself better because I am the embodiment of perfection at all times even in my messy evolution… and that´s ok”


Amara Samata is the founder of Inner Guidance Institute and has dedicated her life to the facilitation of Conscious Evolution through inner awareness, trust and surrender. After 13 years of comitted daily Truth seeking and guided by a Philippine born mystic and Tibetan trained Lama of Dzogchen, she experienced a series of awakenings culminating in what she calls, the tipping point in 2012. Since then she has helped hundreds of individuals awaken to self mastery and divine consciousness for the benefit of the All.


Based on the general spiritual negative belief regarding “wanting’s and desire” and the need to suppress them (in order to achieve something) is that this interview was inspired.


“They know you don’t know what you think you want… and then if you get it you are not going to be happy anyway… so they are trying to save you some time and get you to a place where you start looking for what it is really what you want”


In this interview, while having a tea at a public space at one of our favorite places, Amara opens up another amazing discussion which expand our understanding of this concept and it´s relationship to the awakening process and the Self.

Amara talks about the need for desire to be addressed without repressing nor indulging them, but became aware of them, confront them, understand where they came from and be totally honest with ourselves. “We have all the tools we need to give ourselves everything we want”

“At the very peak of the awakening experience your desires completely go away. There is nothing to seek, nothing to pray for and nothing to know…”


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Episode #20: Key Aspects on How to Change our Reality

Javiera Correa

“The basic understanding that we all need to realize is that … we have the same access to intelligence and confidence and power that every person on earth has if we believe it… it’s the belief that we can have it it´s what make us have it”

This recording started as a friendly conversation and ended up being an interview packed with valuable and practical information for all of us.

Allek is the owner of “” and author of “The Road to Enlightment” (Available on Amazon) where his main area of research have been the way reality works and ways to empower ourselves and connect to the infinite potential which we all have.

“Whatever you focus more in your consciousness if what you are going to attract”

In this recording Allek shares part of his personal story and last months challenges and areas of research, which he has been involved into.


Allek also shares practical tools and practices we can use in our daily lives and valuable documented information that explains how we create our reality and different aspects related to this at a physical, emotional and mental level.


The importance of focusing as a key aspect of how we create reality, the relevance of a daily practice, to practice what we are learning and how this gets reflected at a DNA level and at our thoughts processes.


“Every idea already exist and it´s accessible to us once we tap into it”


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