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Episode #41: 8 years no food and rejuvenation “energy is available all the time”

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11:33Podcast is about questioning the depths of human existence.  Interviews, discussions and incredible stories from people all around the world which challenge what we believe is possible as human beings and inspire us to discover and allow more for ourselves by Javiera Correa

Episode #41: 8 years no food and rejuvenation “energy is available all the time”

Javiera Correa

Akahmi is someone that doesn’t use food as nourishment, he doesn´t eat at all. He tells us “energy is available all the time”, this is what some call “pranic nourishment” or “breatharianism”. He shares with us that the way he receives energy is through conscious breath and contemplation of the beauty of life.

Co-Founder of Pranic Living International he runs workshops and travels the world assisting other in the transition to a life connected to the depth of themselves.

“Breatharianism is a way of expansion of the consciousness… and expansion of consciousness takes as back to our true essence, to our energetic blueprint. And when we access our energetic blue print we access what we truly are…”

He shares with us his personal journey, the processes he has been through, body changes, energy, states of mind and emotions.

Akashi talks about rejuvenation, the power of the mind, wellbeing, the opening of new possibilities, the embodiment of new energies (the challenges and integration) and how to be human.

“Rejuvenation can happen to any person that experience from the core of the cellular structure the expansion of the light… and I was also able to see that the same joy / light that I did awake in me was available for any being”

“When my energy was measured, the doctor was explaining me that the average amount of energy is between 1700 -2200 and 26500... so I was 450 more of the optimum health…”

At the end of this interview Akashi gifts us with a live meditation that we can practice anytime.

You can check his website here

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