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Episode #18: Shadow Work and Ecstasy Beyond Duality

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11:33Podcast is about questioning the depths of human existence.  Interviews, discussions and incredible stories from people all around the world which challenge what we believe is possible as human beings and inspire us to discover and allow more for ourselves by Javiera Correa

Episode #18: Shadow Work and Ecstasy Beyond Duality

Javiera Correa

"...Ultimately there is no darkness and there is no light, it is all just Ecstasis, it is all just this feeling that exist beyond good or bad... its something that is beyond words, something that connect us all as One Human Consciousness..."

Andrew Onto talks about what Shadow Work is and the importance of it. He has experienced beyond duality and in a way he would define himself as a "system buster".

He talks about the illusion of reality such as death, fear, time, suffering and more. Whats beyond the light and dark experience / paradigm. The possibilities of what we can create as creator beings.

"Even the conspiracy theorists... all we need to do is know is that Love that exist within us is the power of a trillion sun in and our of; once we can access that magic with ourselves is Game Over..." 

Andrew Onto currently lives in Melbourne Australia. Consumed and dedicated with a collaborative project known as Abundance developing cool conscious clothing and a message of spiritual enlightenment. Shows and talks utilizing artists in many fields are his chosen area of focus. Andrew is more than keen to talk anywhere anytime about his insights and where they lead humanity. There is much to share involving shadow work and what the results of this will manifest. His aim is to illuminate hidden powers and bring them into full exposure for the betterment of all.

Andrew shares part of his mission and where we are as humanity / consciousness. His message is of great value for all of those who have chosen to put themselves in this time/space to support this journey and consciously or unconsciously are already doing it and he talks to all of us:

"There are people, here on the planet, in service doing incredible work... you know in your heart that there is more to life that meet the eye and that your feelings go beyond further than where you are now... you can go deeper... you can feel more..."


He also shared an Abundance project he has been working on for a long time. You can check his website here ""

This interview is transformative at a cellular level as it talks to Truth directly.

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