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Episode #45: Science, Consciousness, Healing, Inner Dance… How everything comes together

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11:33Podcast is about questioning the depths of human existence.  Interviews, discussions and incredible stories from people all around the world which challenge what we believe is possible as human beings and inspire us to discover and allow more for ourselves by Javiera Correa

Episode #45: Science, Consciousness, Healing, Inner Dance… How everything comes together

Javiera Correa

Pi has a fascinating life journey, he was born in Manila. Having finished his marketing degree at the age of 25 he became a peregrine. He walked away from all known comforts  with no money, family or friends connection in a state of absolute trust.

For 2 years he was on a mono- diet based on coconuts where he explored the awakening of consciousness and uncovered how to access internal sources of energy. 

After he returned to a social life he wrote a book titled "Conscious Trance, the journey to the dancer within" and has traveled to more than 60 nationalities supporting thousands of people on a powerful awakening process called Inner Dance. 

Pi talks about human consciouness, stages of awakening and consciouenss, the process of mapping, what´s happening in terms of the awakening process, our physical processes.

“Even the non-spiritual parts are all part of the same spiritual mind… we need to start cooperating with the actual nature of mind…”

Pi is a master in understanding how the awakening process happens, from a scientific point of view to an embodied experience that connects the dots for all of as in a universal way.

“How does this apply?” “How to integrate the process?” “What are the key aspects of awakening for it to happen?” “How does our body work and relate to embodying the awakening of consciousness?” These are some of the questions Pi explores in the deepest way.

“What exactly is it in the human system that allows people to experience that life review… that awakening of seeing the whole universe…”

For anyone interested on the awakening process and consciousness this is a MUST LISTEN interview. Enjoy!

“I want to see doctors learning how to teach because the new medicine is consciousness… but I want to see teachers learning to heal”

Know more about Pi and Inner Dance here

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