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 Episode #33: Embodying the New Paradigm. Moving from Unconscious to Conscious Choice

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11:33Podcast is about questioning the depths of human existence.  Interviews, discussions and incredible stories from people all around the world which challenge what we believe is possible as human beings and inspire us to discover and allow more for ourselves by Javiera Correa

Episode #33: Embodying the New Paradigm. Moving from Unconscious to Conscious Choice

Javiera Correa

Inelia Benz has only lived one existence in this planet. She has come directly from source and she is here to higher the vibration of the planet. On 2012 she was requested to go public and since then she has guided through her empowering content, tools and message thousands of people around the planet.

Inelia talks about what means to embody the new paradigm and how the new paradigm looks like.

“… the new paradigm means a place where they can flex their mystical muscles… being able to create their own reality and build lives that are resonant to their deeper knowing and deeper self…”

“The new paradigm is also related to choice, what are we doing with our lives, what emotions are we feeding in ourselves and others, who are we giving time, money, attention to…”

This interview makes us more aware in very practical ways on how to embodied a more fulfilling life. The importance of choice, intent and many other simple aspects that were explored.

“We want to move into conscious choice instead of choices made out of social, religious or control programs… as we move and embody the new paradigm our choices became conscious rather than unconscious or programmed ”

Inelia explains in very practical step-by-step way on how to move from unconscious choices to conscious choices. The challenges that arises when we are embodying this new paradigm (which is not a place “out there” but inside). The savior paradigm and lightworkers. And much more!

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