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Episode #19: Beyond Eating, Infinite Energy through Truth

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11:33Podcast is about questioning the depths of human existence.  Interviews, discussions and incredible stories from people all around the world which challenge what we believe is possible as human beings and inspire us to discover and allow more for ourselves by Javiera Correa

Episode #19: Beyond Eating, Infinite Energy through Truth

Javiera Correa

“You have access to unlimited energy all the time”

Atlantis Rise is someone that doesn´t need to eat to live. She has gone beyond the belief that we need food in order to exist in this planet and she currently assist others in the integration of this new paradigm.

“People ask me a lot about flavor, because sometimes I will go 2 months with only lemon water and cucumber juice… ”

There is much more about eating or not and this interview taps into fascinating topics which relate to our potential as Human Beings, Reality Beyond and so much more. Atlantis is someone who is constantly checking to her Self and reminds us of the power and beauty to do so ourselves.

She shares part of her personal journey, some of her challenges and transition period. She also answers practical questions at the end of the interview and gives us a glimpsed of fascinating possibilities that we can all experience in our lives if we chose so.

In this interview there was also space for some observations on the “spiritual world” and some comments on, again, return to our personal Truth, Self-connection and Empowerment beyond anything we might have “heard” or believe until now.

Where do you get your energy from? – “the way that I understand it is I AM ENERGY.  So it´s not that I need something to take in energy to be what I am… so it feels like is about removing the things that stop me for being the energy that I am and living a life which is totally true and honest…”

Atlantis also shares with us an interesting approach on why is possible that we need to eat in the first place and give answers to valid questions such as the fact that if we stop eating we die.

I believe you will find this interview to be tremendously interesting.

“…We are pure perfect consciousness and whatever belief you are able to believe in is True…” 

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