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1133production´s mission is to create projects that can have an impact in people´s life in collaboration with people who have a message and/or life story that inspire and transform us.

Click on the projects below (English and Spanish) to know more.

Some of them are paid projects (which contribute to this platform), others are free. 


La misión de 1133producciones es crear proyectos que impacten en colaboración con personas que tienen un mensaje y/o historia que inspiran, que transforman.

Haz clic en los proyectos (Inglés y Español) para saber más. 

Algunos de ellos son pagados (lo que contribuye con esta plataforma), otros gratuitos.  



This is a Collaborative project with Atlantis Rise. In this four hour interview, Atlantis answers questions about her experience training her body to thrive without the need for physical food. She elaborates on challenges, observations, and benefits of this paradigm shift and the methods she is using to make space for a perpetually nourishing reality. 

This audio series has a value of $33 usd (only english) which you can download in the following website:

For four years, Atlantis Rise has been exploring and developing the ability to live without food.  In this state, she experiences greater levels of energy, clarity, and peace. 

The Atlantis Method "It´s the easiest, gentlest way that I know of where anyone can begin the process on his own, in his own time, in accordance with where his body is, with the way he is able to adjust his life, in accordance with his total Truth."

A Free 7 Min Audio + Pay What You Want Transcript

Click Here


Episode #30: Beyond Eating & Pranic Nourisments with Nicolas Pilartz

Nicolas has added new information himself enriching a content full of empowerment and information on the journey and self discovery of Pranic Living .

50% of your monetary contribution goes to this Platform / 50% to Nicolas / 100% for you!


This are the links to download the transcripts of this interview in the following languages:

Portugueze - Italian - French - German - English - Greek - Czech - Russian


Thank you to all the translators! 


Episode #19: Beyond Eating, Infinite Energy through Truth

English Transcript + Extra content

50% of your monetary contribution goes to this Platform / 50% to Atlantis / 100% for you! 


Pranic nourishment, the possibility of living without food, Bretharianism.  Transcript of the Interview + Extra edited content by Atlantis

Click Here

Episode #6: Breatharianismo - Public Conference with Victor Truviano

English Transcript.

9 Years non eating Victor Truviano - Transcript Bali Conference Aug-2015

Victor Truviano is from Argentina and for 9 years he hasn´t need neither food nor liquids to live. Download the English Transcript click here


Episode #27: In The Beginning There Was Light, Interview With The Director 

English Transcript + Extra content

50% of your monetary contribution goes to this Platform / 50% to Peter / 100% for you! 

Peter shares his journey creating the "In The Beginning there was light" documentary. 

Based on the free premium interview on this is a "Pay What you Want" document with 26 extra Q&As from Peter Arthur Straubinger, Director of the movie "In the beginning there was light" for 1133podcast general empowerment platform.

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If you feel the inspiration to support this platform transcribing or translating any of the interviews I would love to hear from you! 

Si eres alguien que siente la inspiración de apoyar esta plataforma transcribiendo o traduciendo cualquiera de las entrevistas ¡me encantaría saber de ti! Gracias!